Who We Are

From our inception, we’ve believed the single most important in-school factor impacting student achievement is the effectiveness of the teacher in the classroom. However, far too often the voice of effective educators is excluded from the education policy making process.

Teachers United, founded in 2011 in Seattle, started as a non-profit organization.  When the non-profit shuttered its doors, a key group of TU advocates wanted to continue the work and increase teacher voice in educational advocacy.  So, we reorganized in Tacoma in 2015 as a volunteer based group of like-minded advocates.  Advocates passionate about using research to inform our voice and work.

Teachers United is an anti-racist, teacher-led education policy advocacy organization that seeks to insert and elevate the voices of educators in the policy-making process at the district and state levels.

In designing our policy recommendations, we follow a three step process:

  • Teachers United members decide democratically on our issues of focus at our Annual Network Meeting

  • Then, Teachers United teachers, as part of a policy team, research selected issues in order to craft policy recommendations.

  • Lastly, our members advocate for the implementation of our policy recommendations to education leaders at the state and district level.

We believe that teachers know what is best for their students and their classroom and that there is no one better positioned to advocate for our most vulnerable students than their teachers.