Working with Students without a Class: One Idea

In a recent blog post for Corelaborate, TU Director of Communications Mary Moser explains how she utilizes her library's display case to motivate students to do extra research practice.

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Supporting Undocumented Students

TU Director of Government Relations, Nate Bowling, shares information and video from the Tacoma Teacher Town Hall held on February 27th. At this public gathering of educators from across the South Sound, representatives from the ACLU, Northwest Immigrants Rights Project, and Washington Dream Coalition offered resources and insights and answered audience questions on advising students on how to deal with ICE. You can see more about the event on Twitter using #TacTownHall. 

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The Heart of the Community

TU Director of Policy, Sara Ketelsen, explores the unique and integral role the community played in her recent trip chaperoning Lincoln High School students traveling through China as guests of President Xi Jinping. 

Last October I had the privilege of co-chaperoning 100 Lincoln High School Abes on a trip to China as guests of President Xi Jinping.  

Read that sentence again—it’s still mind blowing to me. Going to China was part of my job as a high school Mathematics teacher at a high-needs school in Tacoma, Washington. It has taken me months to reflect on my time and really find the heart of what I wanted to say about this trip.

Learn Your Systems Before You Need Them

TU Director of Communications, Mary Moser, offers advice on Corelaborate on why and how to learn the systems that make decisions happen at a school and district level.

"One of the hardest things I’ve encountered in my teaching career is how to make a change in the systems at play within a building or district.  This is simply because most often, I didn’t understand who, or what perhaps, needed to be consulted in the requests.”

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