House Bill 1345 and Bargaining Contracts

Clover Park Education Association bargained throughout the 2016 summer, and they had a legal tool in their pocket to help: House Bill 1345.  Recently passed, through a partnership that included Teachers United, House Bill 1345 is the first bill in the state to define what professional learning is and what professional learning should look like for teachers. 

To see how CPEA incorporated the language into their bargaining agreement, check out their full contract here, with professional development language beginning on page 20 of the document (page 21 of the PDF). 

As Filma Fontanilla, a member of the CPEA Bargaining Team, says “incorporating 1345 language at the bargaining table inspired great conversations and having a legal definition of Professional Development helped us advocate on behalf of the members for what we at Clover Park School District have been wanting for a long time.”  Teachers United is proud of helping to shape the conversation around Professional Development in the state of Washington and hopeful that the state definitions will help all teachers become better advocates for themselves and flourish with a professional learning plan that meets their needs and helps them grow. 

Ms. Fontanilla also pointed out that two of her Clover Park teacher colleagues, at the time, helped with the passage of House Bill 1345 and “if that’s not capacity building and creating teacher leaders, well then…”.  Now, CPEA begins their commitment to see that bargaining language come to fruition as they work with district around providing job-embedded, consistent, and meaningful professional development for all teachers.