State Moves Closer to Establishing High-Quality Standards for Professional Learning

HB 1345, Adopting a Definition and Standards for Professional Learning, passed out of the House Education Committee this morning. Sponsored by Representatives Lytton, Magendanz and Bergquist, this bill language states one of its main purposes in establishing "a shared, statewide definition" is to provide "a piece of critical infrastructure to guide policy and investments." Amidst the roll out of TPEP and CCSS across 295 school districts, professional learning is both a timely and key issue that will influence implementation. 

Teachers United educators have been instrumental in informing the language of the bill, working alongside partners at OSPI, Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession, Washington STEM, the Puget Sound ESD and many others. Director of Policy, Sarah Margeson, says, "We know ongoing, targeted professional learning leads to multiple improved student outcomes. This bill seeks to ensure that this kind of professional learning is the rule, not the exception."

HB 1345 now moves to the Rules Committee.