A Little Solidarity

Nate Bowling, TU Director of Government Relations, challenges us to show up for our communities as so many are being targeted, threatened, harmed, and attacked. "It's easy for us to get tunnel vision around our own issues. It would frankly be easier for me to stick to class size, teacher salaries, and school funding. But now more than ever, people who desire a more just and equitable society must show solidarity."

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I Don’t Fear White Supremacists, I Fear Liberal Indifference

In his latest blog post, TU Director of Government Relations Nate Bowling calls out the faulty reasoning of those who claim that the best approach to white supremacists is to ignore them - "The danger is real and I’m convinced the liberal weapons of choice, satire and longform essays, are insufficient to combat the 15-24 year old, YouTube self-radicalized, alt-right/Nazi horde about to break into the political mainstream. We need a new playbook and it has to include white liberals taking a risk and confronting white supremacists."

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Planning for Students: Assessment Needs when Logistics are Reliable

TU Director of Communications Mary Moser reminds us that it's that time of year again - testing season. Over the years, Mary has shared many insights on how to tackle the logistics of state, district, and AP assessments (see links within), and now she's offering us the top 4 things we can focus on for our students' benefit. 

Click the title to learn more about the steps we can take to help students feel successful and supported, even in the face of weeks of testing.

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Where Have All the Teachers Gone?

Rachel Wiley, TU Director at Large, uses her unique perspective, experiences, and insights to tackle this critical question. To do so, she addresses "what might be done to train, recruit, and retain effective teachers: the single most important factor in student achievement." 

Click the title to dive into Rachel's recommendations on how we can retain teachers, particularly those who want to engage students in authentic and meaningful learning.

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Why I Left

After a decade of working in a school district, TU member Carinna Tarvin made the difficult decision to pursue teaching work elsewhere. Recently, an article in a national publication about her former district led her to give voice to hers and others' experiences: "The problem is that by picking one distinct tree in the middle of an unruly forest of reasons, the district leadership has been able to shape the narrative."

Click the title to read Carinna's perspective on the circumstances surrounding her leaving. And it wasn't because of the students

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