The most important in-school factor impacting student achievement is the effectiveness of the teacher in the classroom. Yet, the effectiveness of even the best teachers is limited when funding for necessary programs, materials, capital projects, and wrap-around services for students is absent.

This session the Washington State Legislature is expected to deliver a budget that fully funds K-12 education. In that budget we call for:

Substantial New Investment in our Schools

  • Fulfill the state’s constitutional obligation to fully fund Washington’s schools

  • Reduce the tax burden on low- to moderate-income Washingtonians via levy reform

  • Create a sustainable, progressive, ongoing, statewide funding source

New Revenue Targeted Toward Closing the Opportunity Gap

  • Direct revenue primarily toward our most vulnerable students and schools

  • Fund additional support staff and wrap-around services for students at high-need schools

  • Provide targeted funding to bring effective, gap-closing programs to scale at high-need urban and rural schools

Competitive and Equitable Teacher Compensation Model

  • Continue COLAs and stipends for NBCT

  • Fund smaller class sizes based on voter-approved Initiative 1351

  • Incentivize teacher mentorship and collaboration through dedicated time within the paid work day

  • Funding for increased non-instructional time within the paid work day for collaboration